The Gledhill Home Repair Service Response Commitment

The Gledhill home repair service response team

A home repair service package from us means help is there for you when you need it most.

We understand the inconvenience that heating and hot water problems cause. We also understand that your heating and hot water system requires specialist maintenance and repair work from experts to reduce the chances of something going wrong in the first place.

Finding someone to come and repair your appliances or boiler is time consuming, costly, and stressful.

That is why we have designed a home repair service package to suit your needs that costs less than you might think.  Choosing one of our maintenance or repair packages is simple and the protection it offers you and your family is unrivalled.


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sub-header2 What makes us different

1. Full expert inspection and diagnosis of your appliance direct from Gledhill Response.

2. Our unrivalled knowledge of our own products and appliances gives you the ultimate peace of mind, knowing your home is functioning safely and reliably.  

3. Repeat visits and the risk of an appliance breaking down are reduced, thanks to our in house specialist engineers. Their Gledhill training means they can quickly and accurately diagnose the problem. Its a reliable home repair service that can’t be beaten

4. When you call us you will speak directly to one of our in house Gledhill experts at our head office in Blackpool. 

5.You won’t have to wait for parts to be delivered and unnecessary delays because our engineers carry 99% of any parts that might be needed on their vans, thanks to our focus exclusively on Gledhill products.

6. We never look to save money by using cheap substitutes and will only ever fit the latest specification genuine manufacturer approved parts.

7. Our prices are low, thanks to savings we make from the preferential prices given by our sister companies, Gledhill Building Products and Gledhill Spares.  Our overheads are minimised and we pass the savings on to you


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