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Systemate 2000 Thermal Store Manual

This Systemate 2000 Electric Thermal Store Manual  is converted from the original PDF manual here

If you would like to repair a Systemate 2000, Gledhill response offer one-off repairs or a comprehensive home care solution for Systemate Thermal Stores.


The hot water and central heating in your home is provided by a high specification storage system which will give you many benefits. Simple to operate and exceptionally efficient in operation, your SysteMate 2000 Thermal Store is probably different to any water heating system you have ever experienced before. This booklet will explain why and how you can get the most from it. One of the most technologically advanced water heating and storage systems available, your Gledhill SysteMate 2000 is designed to fulfil four basic needs :

  1. Deliver lots of hot water at good pressures whenever you need it
    • Your Thermal Storage System is designed to provide all the hot water you are likely to need under normal circumstances, and deliver that hot water at a pressure comparable with your cold water mains. That means you can enjoy powerful showers without the need for a separate pump, or fill a bath with hot water in minutes.
  2. Provide rapid heat up of your property whenever you switch your heating on
    • The highly efficient Thermal Storage System also means that your central heating will warm your house far more rapidly than a conventional system, with all your radiators reaching their efficient heating level in just a few minutes.
  3. Supply heating and hot water more cheaply than conventional systems
    • Your Thermal Storage System will ensure that your boiler operates more efficiently by eliminating unnecessary firing and costly use of fuel.
    • Because your boiler will operate in concert with the Gledhill SysteMate 2000, it remains in the ‘on’ position 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but fires only when needed to maintain the optimum temperature within your efficient Gledhill Thermal Store. The boiler must be left at its maximum temperature setting for the system to operate efficiently.
    • Your central heating still works on a timer which is fitted to your Thermal Store and thermostats control your room temperatures
    • Hot water will be available any time you need it when the system is switched on, summer and winter. But instead of your boiler operation determining when you get hot water and heating, your needs for hot water and heating will determine when your boiler operates.
  4. Provide hot water to every tap that has not deteriorated in storage tanks
    • The SysteMate 2000 is connected directly to the cold mains and, therefore, even the hot supply is pure potable water every time.

What is a Thermal Store?

The Gledhill Thermal Store is the heart and brain of your hot water system. It stores hot water at a constant temperature and incorporates a highly efficient plate heat exchanger which heats the hot water for all your domestic needs. The Thermal Store is superbly insulated and so the hot water stored has a very low heat loss.

Off-peak supplies will automatically be used to heat the thermal store. You will also have the option* to switch on to the on-peak electricity supply when necessary to provide a ‘boost’ to the top part of the thermal store to achieve the most efficient way of satisfying your demands on the system.

Why is the boiler constantly switched to the “On” position?

The system operates most efficiently if the holler ls always left on, with the boiler thermostat always at its maximum setting – even in summer.

It is then simply a case of adjusting the store temperature control for summer or winter running. See Changing the Temperature Setting on Your Thermal Store

Your system should. generally, be left ‘on’ at all times, If you are away for a short period, the room thermostat can be Set to a low level just to prevent frost damage.

How does the system deliver hot water at high temperature?

The water delivered to the taps and showers in your home is delivered at high pressure because it uses the mains pressure on your cold water supply. The SysteMate is connected to the mains system and the water passes through a highly efficient heat exchanger to raise its temperature before it travels to your taps and showers. Because it is so efficient both high flow rates and high pressures are available to give the best performance for both baths and showers.

Why are there no cisterns in the loft?

Water cisterns in the loft are principally required for the traditional domestic hot water system to give a better “head” of water — which is basically determined by the height of the cistern above the tap being used. In most cases, the higher the cistern, the greater the pressure.

Because the Gledhill system uses the pressure from your cold water mains, those cisterns are not required.

And that means there are no cisterns in the loft, which removes any worries about freezing pipes. and leaves more space for storage should you decide to use it.

Plastic Tank Feed

The plastic feed tank should have been filled to the waterline by the installer at the time of commissioning. The water level in the plastic feed tank should be checked on a regular basis, generally 3-4 times a year, and topped up when necessary to approximately halfway. Once the level has been topped up or after it has been checked, ensure the lid has been securely replaced. An optional sight glass can be fitted to the side of the feed tank, to overcome the need to remove the lid to check the water level.

Controlling Your Systemate 2000

Your SysteMate 2000 is a highly advanced Thermal Storage System which incorporates the latest in microprocessor technology to monitior your system automatically and ensure it operates at maximum efficiency. This includes periodically ‘spinning’ the heating pump to prevent seizing during prolonged unused heating periods.

In normal circumstances, you should only be required to adjust the time clock on your Thermal Store, to suit your needs, and the instructions for this are described in detail on the label fitted to the appliance.

The SysteMate is only one part of the sealed heating and mains pressure hot water systems fitted in your property. If your hot water or heating system should fail to operate satisfactorily, you will also need to refer to the information provided with the central heating boiler. If the fault is with the SysteMate appliance you will need to call a service engineer, who can then contact Gledhill Technical Department for any advice he may need or operate the ‘SWITCH’ option which is fitted to your SysteMate 2000 (see Switch at the back of this booklet). However, because your SysteMate is part of a sealed heating system it may be that the fault lies elsewhere in the system or that the heating system only needs repressurising using the equipment provided adjacent to the boiler.

As detailed previously, the Thermal Store controls the temperature of the system. In order to ensure your system operates at its most efficient the boiler thermostat should always be left at maximum.

Resetting the heating programme clock

Hot water is not time controlled and is available at all times, but you control the time your central heating switches on and off with the timer on your Gledhill Thermal Store. Separate instructions for this will have been left for you by the installation engineer, or you can refer to the instructions on the label on the front of the appliance.

Using the unique switch emergency electrical back-up system

Your SysteMate 2000 is fitted with Gledhill’s unique ‘SWITCH’ emergency electrical back-up system. You have an instant fail safe should your boiler cease to operate. The ‘SWITCH’ system will be clearly displayed on the front of your Thermal Store Appliance.

In the event of a boiler failure, the ‘SWITCH’ technology simply and instantly introduces an electric heating source within the Thermal Store to ensure that your hot water and heating continue to operate until you can have your boiler repaired. Care should be taken when your SysteMate 2000 is operating under ‘SWITCH’ conditions as the hot water temperature will be higher than in its normal operating condition.

Operation of ‘SWITCH’ is simple, just click to position 1 if you need hot water only or position 2 for hot water and heating and turn back to position zero once your boiler is repaired.

‘SWITCH’ is only designed for emergency use and you will need to call a service engineer once you have operated ‘SWITCH’

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