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Does my Gledhill appliance need a service?

Some system types (-such as unvented cylinders) require a check every year to maintain warranty cover and to ensure your safety. However, the inherent safety of appliances like the open vented PulsaCoil mean that no such annual service is required for many other systems.

We have designed our boiler and home cover packages to reflect the needs of these different products, but our office team will be more than happy to guide you if you have any further questions.

Although an annual inspection is not a necessity for all Gledhill appliances, we do offer a yearly health check option for almost all products. As an appliance ages, more regular maintenance is required and the likelihood of a breakdown increases. An annual check allows our engineer to assess that a boiler or system is functioning correctly and hopefully address any developing problem before it results in an unscheduled breakdown, reducing the risk of a ‘no hot water’ or ‘no heating’ situation and the resulting upset and frustration caused to the homeowner.