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Our phones can become very busy during cold weather periods. If you experience difficulties contacting us, you can request call back by emailing us at [email protected]. Alternatively, please try again later that day. Our phone lines are open between 8am – 5pm.

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Noise will generally only occur when the unit heats during the night or when requested by you during the day. The unit contains a copper cylinder holding 100 – 200 litres of water, which will make some noise when heated, in the same manner a kettle makes considerable noise when heating a far lower quantity of water.

Some noise is therefore unavoidable, however, if the noise level increases noticeably or you are concerned it is excessive, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Your PulsaCoil appliance is designed to meet with Building and Water Authority Regulations, which stipulates that hot water is routinely delivered to tap outlets at no less than 50°C

– 55°C.

These temperatures prevent the growth of micro-organisms within your pipe work and eliminate the risk of legionella and harmful bacteria within your hot water. You can therefore have absolute confidence that the hot water that you use to bathe and wash with is completely safe.

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While you can safely turn the appliance off at any time, the PulsaCoil unit charges overnight to take advantage of the ‘off peak’ cheap rate electricity. Turning the unit off overnight denies the appliance this opportunity to charge itself. This means that you will have limited hot water and will potentially have to charge the unit during the day using ‘on peak’ electricity at a much greater cost.

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You can write, email or telephone us on our Freephone number or mobile friendly line: 0800 3800 129. All our contact details are available on the contact tab at the top of this page.

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We use a network of directly employed Gledhill engineers and local subcontractors to ensure your property is attended promptly. However, please be assured that any engineer arriving at your property will have been fully trained by Gledhill and we take full responsibility for any engineer attending on our behalf.

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You can pay for our services through this website or over the telephone by credit or debit card. We also offer direct debit for annual maintenance cover packages and can arrange finance for higher value items such as replacement appliances. Payments by BAC or cheque are also welcomed.

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All manuals and user guides relating to Gledhill appliances (old and new) can be found under the ‘downloads’ tab at the top of the page. Paper copies are available on almost all the documents at no charge. Just send us an email if you would like one posting to you.

Homeowners can also call us with any query about their appliance for free on 0800 3800 129

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