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One-Off Repairs Terms & Conditions

What if the product has reached the end of its life?

Please note that our fixed price repair covers any component or serviceable part fitted to the unit. In the rare instance that the internal copper cylinder itself is found to have an irreparable leak, we are able to offer the opportunity to purchase a replacement cylinder, including fitting – at a significantly discounted rate.

If by any chance you decide not to proceed with our quotation to replace, we will refund the charge less £100 + VAT to cover the callout fee – providing no remedial works were carried out on the original callout.

What if the problem is unrelated to the appliance?

We will repair any fault with the Gledhill appliance included in our fixed charge. If the fault is found to be related to an issue external to the Gledhill product which cannot be resolved by our engineer, we reserve the right to withdraw this offer and to requote to resolve the external problem or to charge a call out fee for the inspection and performance check of the Gledhill unit. In such an event, any remaining monies paid to Gledhill for the fixed fee repair service would be immediately refunded.