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Testimonial on 26th March, 2021

I had to call out Gledhill Response shortly after moving to a new property due to hot water becoming intermittent and then non-existent. I cannot fault the service I received. Their engineer Kieron quickly diagnosed the issue – simply that the feed and expansion cistern in the loft was bone dry. Poor install years ago and no overflow was fitted – so to avoid potential flooding in the event of a failure the valve had just been isolated (i.e. shut). Kieron refilled the cistern and explained the issue fully to me so I’m now able to resolve the situation myself should it happen again in the future.

People are quick to complain when they get bad service but rarely give praise when they receive excellent service. Not me, Kieron was professional, friendly and informative and I can’t fault the service I received.

Andy Bottomley - March 26, 2021