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Get to know your Pulsacoil ECO

Gledhill Response repairs BoilerMate, ElectraMate, PulsaCoil Nationwide including London, Manchester & Birmingham


Gledhill Response is the official repair company for all Gledhill products, we provide repair and support services nationwide from London to Scotland and beyond.

Being the official Gledhill repair company we offer the best level of support with engineers trained and directly employed by Gledhill as well as genuine manufacturer-approved parts.

Our offices are based in Blackpool, but we service every region of the UK including London, Manchester, Birmingham.

We offer repair and maintenance services for all Gledhill products including:

PulsaCoil Series

The Gledhill Pulsacoils is a popular direct thermal store manufactured by Gledhill and is made from high corrosion-resistant stainless steel, providing mains pressure hot water utilising off-peak electric, specifically designed for use in apartments.

The Pulsacoil range of thermal stores has been around for a while now, with many of the older models not in production anymore. If you have one of the older models, and are covered under the Home Emergency Cover, Gledhill Response is the official company for PulsaCoil Repairs and can help maintain your Pulsacoild for as long as needed.

  • PulsaCoil ECO
  • Pulsacoil 2000
  • Pulsacoil A-Class
  • Pulsacoil 3 / III
  • PulsaCoil BP

BoilerMate Thermal Storage System

  • BoilerMate 2000
  • BoilerMate A-Class OV
  • BoilerMate A-Class SP
  • BoilerMate BP
  • BoilerMate II
  • BoilerMate III

ElectraMate Series

Unfortunately, the ElectraMate is no longer in production and that means replacement parts are not as common as they once were. If you do have issues with your ElectraMate many third party engineers will struggle to fix anything that needs replacement parts.

Gledhill Response is the only official Gledhill approved repair specialist. We have access to far more stock than other none approved engineers meaning that it is much more likely that we can carry out a proper repair for your ElectraMate 2000.

  • ElectraMate 2000
  • ElectraMate 2000 12KW
  • ElectraMate A