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Reduce maintenance costs of your thermal store cylinder with water treatment

However, in some scenarios, water may need to be treated to reduce the need for maintenance.  If you live in a hard water area the water contains a higher than normal amount of minerals calcium and magnesium. When this is left untreated the minerals build up over time clogging up pipework, this applies for all […]

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Gledhill Response repairs BoilerMate, ElectraMate, PulsaCoil Nationwide including London, Manchester & Birmingham

Gledhill Response is the official repair company for all Gledhill products, we provide repair and support services nationwide from London to Scotland and beyond. Being the official Gledhill repair company we offer the best level of support with engineers trained and directly employed by Gledhill as well as genuine manufacturer-approved parts. Our offices are based in […]

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What are the benefits to thermal stores from Gledhill?

Thermal stores from companies such as Gledhill have been around for decades, and with the growing popularity of renewable energy, there has never been a better time to invest in a one. A thermal store is a vessel for storing and managing heat until it is needed. It differs from a conventional hot water cylinder […]

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