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While it is correct in stating that the prices of our agreements have risen over the years, so too have the costs of running our business. Increases in government legislation and in the price of fuel, wages, insurance, raw materials and complete components have meant that some increase in our charges has been necessary if we are to remain in business.

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You can write, email or telephone us on our Freephone number or mobile friendly line: 0800 3800 129. All our contact details are available on the contact tab at the top of this page.

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We offer a range of finance packages to help you afford to upgrade or change your appliance easily. Finance is organised through Hitachi Capital – one of the most reputable providers in the UK. A range of low cost options are available for all orders over £1000.

Payments Plans

You can pay for our services through this website or over the telephone by credit or debit card. We also offer direct debit for annual maintenance cover packages and can arrange finance for higher value items such as replacement appliances. Payments by BAC or cheque are also welcomed.

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Providing our advice is followed, ALL parts and labour costs associated with the repair of your Gledhill appliance are completed covered by our Breakdown Agreement. We look to provide a simple, easy to understand and straightforward service.

Existing Customers Payments