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It is virtually impossible that your PulsaCoil appliance can create high bills, providing it has been correctly installed. Unless you physically press your ‘boost’ button to charge the unit during daytime hours, your unit will only heat on the off peak period and you should be able to identify this cost clearly on your electricity bill.

Most people will notice a significant difference in their electricity usage during the summer months when they do not make use of electric radiators. High electricity bills are far more likely to be linked to your domestic appliances or heating system.

Existing Customers Plans

Any boiler system will require maintenance and the PulsaCoil is no exception. In common with all boilers, parts for the appliance can be expensive and the electrical aspect to the appliance means that qualified engineers, competent to work on electric boilers, can be difficult to find.

Gledhill Response is pleased to provide low fixed cost breakdown cover to ensure that expert attention for your appliance is available whenever required and there are neither significant nor unexpected bills for repair. It also ensures that should a replacement unit ever be required, the work is organised for you and the cost is dramatically reduced.

New Customers Plans

As an appliance ages, more regular maintenance is required, and the likelihood of a breakdown increases. Although an annual inspection is not a necessity, a yearly healthcheck allows our engineer to assess that your PulsaCoil is functioning correctly and hopefully address any developing problems before they result in a breakdown, benefitting both ourselves and you as the homeowner.

This service was introduced due to popular demand and allows us the opportunity to provide you with additional peace of mind, and to reduce the number of unexpected breakdowns attended.

We price this additional service at a small premium over the Standard Breakdown Agreement to cover the additional costs involved.

New Customers Plans

You will be pleased to hear that there are no plans to increase our charges in the foreseeable future.

Existing Customers Plans

Our office is staffed between 8:30 – 17:30, Monday – Friday, and from 9:00 until 12:00 noon, Saturday and Sunday. This means that you can get technical advice or report an issue seven days a week. However, although we do have engineers who work weekends during busy periods, we do not guarantee a field service. Providing weekend cover as a standard offer would incur a significant increase in our costs and the cost of the cover we offer.

We understand that emergencies such as leaks can occur at any time of the day or night. Thankfully such issues are few and far between, but please be assured that emergency cover is available.

If you have a major issue that is potentially dangerous or is causing damage to your property out of office hours, we would recommend that you contact a local emergency plumber or electrician who are generally available 24 hours, seven days a week. They will make the appliance or equipment safe until we are able to attend and complete a full repair. Providing the issue was related to our unit or covered by our agreement, we will refund the reasonable costs of the external plumber’s attendance in full.

Appointments Existing Customers Plans

We offer a repair service on a one-off chargeable basis including all parts and labour at a fixed price. However, this is subject to the availability of our engineers and we cannot guarantee this service will be available when required

We will always give priority to our Breakdown Agreement customers and an annual contract remains the most inexpensive way to guarantee a prompt and efficient repair service and your own peace of mind.


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You can write, email or telephone us on our Freephone number or mobile friendly line: 0800 3800 129. All our contact details are available on the contact tab at the top of this page.

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We use a network of directly employed Gledhill engineers and local subcontractors to ensure your property is attended promptly. However, please be assured that any engineer arriving at your property will have been fully trained by Gledhill and we take full responsibility for any engineer attending on our behalf.

Contact Advice Plans

We offer a range of finance packages to help you afford to upgrade or change your appliance easily. Finance is organised through Hitachi Capital – one of the most reputable providers in the UK. A range of low cost options are available for all orders over £1000.

Payments Plans

Our Complete Care package is specifically designed to provide cover for all the electrics and plumbing in apartment properties – anything from an overflowing toilet, to a defective shower, leaking tap or failed panel heater.

Please click on the Boiler and home cover packages tab on the top of this page or call us for more details.


We work hard to minimise costs – allowing us to offer a good level of service at extremely competitive rates.

We firmly believe that the current charge for our standard Breakdown Agreement coverage (set from only £8.21 per month) reflects excellent value for homeowners. There are no hidden exclusions or caveats to our service and no additional charges are made even when we attend issues unrelated to the PulsaCoil appliance.

You can expect to pay somewhere between £60-£120 for a gas safety check or service for a traditional system, without any parts included. For just £98.50, our Standard Breakdown Agreement offers you full cover for any labour and parts required throughout the 12 months.


We would be pleased to help you in this important decision. A full all-inclusive quote can be provided for almost all installation requirements. Take a look at our Boiler & cylinder replacement tab at the top of this page for more on our peace of mind installation service or speak to our installation team on 0800 3800 129

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