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While you can safely turn the appliance off at any time, the PulsaCoil unit charges overnight to take advantage of the ‘off peak’ cheap rate electricity. Turning the unit off overnight denies the appliance this opportunity to charge itself. This means that you will have limited hot water and will potentially have to charge the unit during the day using ‘on peak’ electricity at a much greater cost.

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While we acknowledge that the manual fill of the header tank can be inconvenient for some homeowners, this feature has important safety implications since it significantly reduces the potential for damage to the property and potential injury to residents in apartments below.

You can install a ball cock with automatic topping up on the system. However, in the event of a leak or ball valve failure, systems which automatically fill themselves up will continue to do so indefinitely until the problem is resolved. Such issues have been responsible for causing massive damage to property and the implications of leaks within apartment developments can be extremely serious.

By contrast, the inability of the PulsaCoil unit to top itself up means that in the event of a significant leak, the only water that can be lost is the water held in the cylinder at that time.

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If you are unable to easily see the water level in the header tank, then we can install a sight glass to many types of header tanks which makes checking water levels quicker and easier. The installation of the sight glass enables you to see the required level exactly, simply by opening your airing cupboard door.

We will automatically check water levels when attending to conduct an annual healthcheck with our Platinum package.

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The header tank should be filled with clean cold water approximately halfway up the tank. It is important not to overfill the tank as this can create problems.

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We advise that the header tank water level is checked every three months. You can help reduce the amount of water lost during operation by ensuring the lid of the header tank is securely replaced.

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Any boiler system will require maintenance and the PulsaCoil is no exception. In common with all boilers, parts for the appliance can be expensive and the electrical aspect to the appliance means that qualified engineers, competent to work on electric boilers, can be difficult to find.

Gledhill Response is pleased to provide low fixed cost breakdown cover to ensure that expert attention for your appliance is available whenever required and there are neither significant nor unexpected bills for repair. It also ensures that should a replacement unit ever be required, the work is organised for you and the cost is dramatically reduced.

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As an appliance ages, more regular maintenance is required, and the likelihood of a breakdown increases. Although an annual inspection is not a necessity, a yearly healthcheck allows our engineer to assess that your PulsaCoil is functioning correctly and hopefully address any developing problems before they result in a breakdown, benefitting both ourselves and you as the homeowner.

This service was introduced due to popular demand and allows us the opportunity to provide you with additional peace of mind, and to reduce the number of unexpected breakdowns attended.

We price this additional service at a small premium over the Standard Breakdown Agreement to cover the additional costs involved.

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You will be pleased to hear that there are no plans to increase our charges in the foreseeable future.

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While it is correct in stating that the prices of our agreements have risen over the years, so too have the costs of running our business. Increases in government legislation and in the price of fuel, wages, insurance, raw materials and complete components have meant that some increase in our charges has been necessary if we are to remain in business.

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Our office is staffed between 8:30 – 17:30, Monday – Friday, and from 9:00 until 12:00 noon, Saturday and Sunday. This means that you can get technical advice or report an issue seven days a week. However, although we do have engineers who work weekends during busy periods, we do not guarantee a field service. Providing weekend cover as a standard offer would incur a significant increase in our costs and the cost of the cover we offer.

We understand that emergencies such as leaks can occur at any time of the day or night. Thankfully such issues are few and far between, but please be assured that emergency cover is available.

If you have a major issue that is potentially dangerous or is causing damage to your property out of office hours, we would recommend that you contact a local emergency plumber or electrician who are generally available 24 hours, seven days a week. They will make the appliance or equipment safe until we are able to attend and complete a full repair. Providing the issue was related to our unit or covered by our agreement, we will refund the reasonable costs of the external plumber’s attendance in full.

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